The 5 most beautiful cycling routes in the Netherlands

Spring has started and the nice weather is already around the corner. That means cycling to work, school or time for a lovely bike ride through all the beauty the Netherlands has to offer. Below, we give you inspiration with the 5 most beautiful cycling routes in the Netherlands, according to the ANWB. Through beautiful flora and fauna, you will discover different cultures and a lot of history with these tours. The cycling routes vary in length and terrain, so there is something for everyone. Wondering what your new cycling route will be? Then read on quickly.

1. De Peel (America), Limburg - 32 kilometres

Normally, when you think of Limburg you probably think of hilly countryside and lots of climbing and descending, but De Peel in the north of the province looks very different. In fact, you couldn’t cycle here at all before because of the inaccessible swamp, but fortunately this has now changed. The cycling tour takes you on a journey through time. A tour of history. After all, you start your route in America (and no this is just in Limburg 😉 ). This used to be a sparse moorland, but now there is mainly agricultural land here. You then continue your route to Steegberg, Heesberg and Schatberg where you cycle right through pine forests these days. You then turn towards Griendtsveen and continue your route towards De Peel. Along the way, you can stop at various inns and eateries for a snack and a drink.

2. Hunebedden (Ruinen), Drenthe - 49 kilometres

With this cycle route, you cycle past some of the 52 preserved Hunebedden. In between, you pass a nice teahouse for a possible short stop and see a Cornmill. Nature is not forgotten during this cycle tour either, as you also pass through Holtingerveld nature reserve. In the Middle Ages, the forest gave way to heathland. However, during World War II, the Germans turned it into an airfield. Heavy bombing gave nature the chance to restore itself. As a result, you can now cycle through beautiful forests, heathland, fens and shifting sands. Finally, you cycle along National Park Dwingelderveld and through the Dwingelderbossen between Anserden and Ruinen. In spring, the beautiful currant trees are in bloom here.

3. Buitenplaatsen langs de Vecht, Utrecht - 43 kilometres

The Utrechtse Vecht used to have one important function as a waterway. It was a connection between the Rhine and the Zuiderzee. Along this cycle route, several towns grew into prosperous trading towns. Many of the beautiful country houses built back then have been demolished, but a few of the monumental estates are still intact. Still, under the smoke of Utrecht and Amsterdam, tranquillity reigns supreme in villages like Baambrugge, Vreeland and Loenen aan de Vecht. Although on nice days it can be extremely busy with cyclists. You also pass beautiful castles and forts, such as Fort Nieuwersluis and the Muiderslot. At the Spiegelplas in Nederhorst de Berg, your route turns south, meandering with the river. By the water near Breukelen, you will then find the only brickworks that has not been razed to the ground.

4. Ijssel en Posbank (Laag-Keppel), Gelderland - 60 kilometres

This route offers plenty of variety. You will see Gelderland in all its facets. You start the trip along the Oude Ijssel, near Laag-Keppel, and drive towards Doesburg. At junction 37, you will encounter a sluice with a height difference of no less than 5 metres. The river leads you past woods, fields and castles of the Achterhoek region. Once you arrive at the Veluwe, the climb on the Posbank awaits you. For cycling enthusiasts, on road bikes or mountain bikes, a must. But also an experience for e-bikers or cycling enthusiasts on a ‘regular’ bike. The climb is really worth it, because after this, beautiful views over the heaths of the Veluwezoom await you. After this, you bump down over the cobblestone streets of Doesburg. Please note: during this route, you will cross the river Ijssel once by ferry. So check sailing times in advance to save an extra 8 to 9 kilometres.

5. West-Tholenroute (Sint-Annaland), Zeeland - 44,5 kilometres

It doesn’t get much quieter than with this cycle route. Even when the weather is nice, it is not overly busy here. Across narrow dykes, often amid lots of flowers, this is a wonderfully tranquil route. You also spot dozens of species of birds here with ease. The start of the cycle tour is in Sint-Annaland, a former fishing village. Here you can visit the regional museum De Meestoof or walk past the Nonnekeshuus. This house survived a major fire while much of the village went up in flames. You then continue towards Stavenisse and Sint-Maartensdijk, villages that were not spared during the North Sea floods. You can also enjoy the adjacent nature reserve, the Pluimpot. The Scherpenissepolder is also a nature lover’s paradise, with many special plant and animal species both outside the dikes (sea lavender and sea asters) and inside.
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